Well made, but still lacking
19 November 2010
4 guys and 2 girls arrive at a dilapidated mansion to help fix it up. The house traps them inside and they are all slowly stalked and killed by an old lady from the 1940s. Man, I have no idea how films like this get made. It isn't bad at all as it has lots of gory FX (courtesy of NY staple Ed French) and nice camera work. Plus a cool, atmospheric location. But how did director James Riffell convince so many people to finance and work hard on something so poorly thought out? I mean, some of the staging and early dialog is so awkward and bad. Like they get trapped in the house and everyone tries the doors.

Person #1: "Hey this door is stuck" *fails to open it*

Person #2: "Let me try" *fails to open it*

Person #3: "Here, let me try" *fails to open it*

Person #4: "Let me try" *fails to open it*

I'm terrified when I see scenes like this. I mean, I hope and pray that wasn't written out in script form. Another example: you have a scene where the group is walking together and one person stops to see their missing boyfriend in the room. They stand there and talk and the person never says, "Hey, I found Joey." Yes, I actually want consistency in a movie with DEAD DUDES in the title. The title is a typical Troma tacked on mess as it was original called THE DEAD COME HOME.
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