Predators (2010)
Nothing new, but entertaining
7 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
You gotta wonder how something strong enough to punch through metal walls, or rip your spine out of your back with one hand while you're alive and struggling against it, could realistically be defeated in hand-to-hand combat by a human being (no more than one occasion...), and I was also left wondering why sometimes their weapons disintegrate their targets and other times they're just plain nonlethal, but other than that - as long as you keep in mind that the predators aren't interested in killing things so much as they are interested in hunting them for sport - the movie is remarkably lacking in the typical huge question signs.

I don't know what you had expected to see when sitting down to watch this movie if you ended up giving it less than 5 or 6 rating. It doesn't to anything new or particularly interesting (though I liked the premise of predators abducting people and dropping them on the preserve), but the action is solid, the acting is solid, and the characters are interesting AND they're not (too) huge idiots.

My biggest gripe is that I really would've liked to see survivors be rewarded with a trip back home in typical honorable hunter-style, which would seem to fit with predator behavior. Yeah they abduct you, throw you out of airplanes while you're unconscious and then hunt you, kill you, skin you, rip your spine out and make a trophy out of your skull, but they usually give respect where respect us due - and respect is due to any human who manages to defeat one of them. But I guess the ending we got was alright.
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