Taramtino IS a Bastard!
16 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I got that out of the way. (why basterds??? Oh, I get it, it builds up the mystique.) I liked IB more than I'd expected. I really enjoyed the constant cinematic references. I got hooked very quickly into the story and the actors' performances. I was even able, in the beginning, to overlook Brad Pitt and his over-the-top performance.

The film is great to look at and well constructed and for a while I was lost in the web Tarantino was weaving.

Yes, there is violence and blood. I was troubled by the death of the two females. But that had me wondering about my values. Why would I object to the death of women in a film but not so much a man??? I really tired of Pitt by the end and if the film had been shorter by 30 or 40 minutes it would have worked better for me.

The end, where all the baddies are destroyed was a superior cinematic conceit. If only… For those who are afraid that this film will somehow change the Holocaust history, get real and relax.
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