well, they tried...
28 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This film might get a few more points if it was honest, or if it had the balls it pretends to, a few things (spoilers i guess) to take note of; First off the couple who 'rape people to death' are actually gay (as in homosexuals).. Thought that was an important point, not sure why. I guess if i put Desperado in the DVD player and Broke Back Mountain came on I'd be slightly annoyed.

I don't think they (the writers) meant this, i get the feeling they were just switching things around trying to be original, but it ends up looking like a 12 year old wrote it trying to gross out his parents.

Second they committed the greatest betrayal a film maker can commit.. the 'it was all really a dream' thing, its a cop-out and i think they did this to trivialize all the inconsistencies in the film. Only thing is it trivializes the whole film right along with its logic issues.

I've given it 3 points for the effort, they did try with the gore, and there are some scenes that are well shot, if a little lacking in a realistic feel to it.
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