Obscure for a reason.
14 May 2010
A criminally insane patient is accidentally released from a psychiatric hospital due to a computer error. Psychiatrist Dr. Joan Gilmore (Belinda Montgomery) suspects what has happened and attempts to alert her superiors, but is obstructed by other members of staff who are keen to cover up their mistake. Following a trail of clues, Joan heads to the sorority house where, twenty years earlier, the lunatic slaughtered several girls. Guess who is there to meet her...

"You sluts, you whores", screams batty house mother Mrs, Collins (Viveca Lindfors, Aunt Bedelia in Creepshow) at a group of fun-loving sorority sisters who innocently dare to reveal a little bare flesh; this hysterical outburst is easily the best thing about obscure, mid-eighties slasher Silent Madness, the rest of the film being over-talky, virtually bloodless, and lacking in style.

Originally shot in 3D, the film initially looks as though it might at least be a bit of laugh thanks to some gratuitous 'in your face' moments designed to exploit its gimmick to the max, but this novelty soon wears off. Sydney Lassick, of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' fame, puts in a reasonably quirky performance as a disbelieving small town sheriff, which helps alleviate the boredom a tad, there's one imaginative kill involving a girl suspended upside down by her ankles, a length of cord and a dumb-bell, and a bonus point is awarded for getting the obligatory topless babe scene in pretty quickly, but even then, my rating is still only a paltry 3/10.
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