Review of Los mediocres

Los mediocres (1966)
Interesting . . .
10 May 2010
There was a brief period in the Mexican cinema, when intellectuals were invited to participate in the movie making industry, and the result was a very interesting mix. We could see painters as actors, sculptors as directors, and so on... In fact, in some scenes where a party or reunion are depicted, we can see a bunch of writers, painters, photographers, etc. This movie has 5 short stories in it. All picture mediocre people as animals. The turkey, the frog, the scorpion, the snake and the cockroaches can be seen here. The turkey is an abusive man who mistreats a good employee and makes him look bad in front of his coworkers. The frog is a man who is unappreciative to honesty, the scorpion is a father who rather see his daughter die than becoming a single mother, the snake is a gossipy woman, and the cockroaches are people who run and run not knowing exactly where to go.. I don't know why intellectuals stopped their collaboration with the movies to that extent, because it could have been very interesting their work together...
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