better then your average slasher!
10 May 2010
For a quick comparison think Halloween 4 for atmosphere. For the uninitiated Halloween 4 kicked ass and raked in huge $$$$ at the time. Add this with a bit of American Pie and Scream.

The acting is above average for a low budget horror. The dialogue reminds me of how we used to speak especially to each other at 17 which was the point but something that movies rarely succeed in. A negative is the fact that the actors are well over 25. But they did a good job. Loved Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley.

The movie is really gory but in our gen with Hostel etc this is nothing new. The director does try to use his own technique and style with the death scenes and this does work well, at least as something different in what is becoming a tired sub-genre.

For horror fans this is a good movie. It has lots of blood and violence and a good storyline even if there is nothing original about the movie. For those who are squeamish and not a fan of horror you should avoid this movie (especially the death scene at 1hr 5 min!).

I give it a 7/10.
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