Beautiful and Beastly
10 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a pretty great re-telling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tail. Some of the effects were really well done while others, not so much, although we have to cut low budget effects some slack once in a while and try to enjoy the film as best as possible. I was actually able to enjoy this film quite well. I liked the twisted elements that were thrown into this movie as well. One scene that was really demented was the one near the end when the prince made the troll bite someone's head off and then threatened to kill the rest of the villagers unless they applauded his death... Which they did. The acting in this film was just fine and the characters were performed really well. Some of the gore was disgustingly realistic while sometimes it was just too unbelievable. An alright low budget film and definitely worth a watch.
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