Grand Theft Auto IV (2008 Video Game)
Ignore all the haters!!!
23 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This game is perhaps the best I have played till now. Its not just a game,its an experience in itself, that is utterly wondrous. The game boasts of some of the most realistic graphics in history and I affirm that it does have one of the most realistic graphics ever, period. Just look what happens when you hit a street light. Unlike previous GTA games, they don't fly in the air as if they have no weight at all, they fall down properly. The game developers have taken minute, intricate details into consideration. Another example of great graphics: Look at the cars!! I you hit a tree, your engine would surely be affected in real-life. In GTA4, what exactly happens to the car is shown.For example, if I bang the front portion of the car often, it would break down and stop functioning at all. Similarly, if someone keeps shooting my car too often and it catches fire and I take time to escape, then sometimes the car's fire catches on to me and I am on fire. Remember in previous titles where you could ditch the car in the nick of the time when it is about to blow up.

Probably one of the best stories ever, GTA too boasts of vivid characters with their eccentricities. Brucie, Packie, Niko, Roman, Michelle, Playboy X, Dwayne, ever the side characters are all different. They all have their similarities and their differences which can be unearthed through various interactions. Brucie is a show-off who maintains good relation with Niko but still tantalizes him once in a while, especially when he is taken to places that don't boast of extravagant lifestyle.

The dialogs are the best in the GTA series and one of the best ever. The cut scenes themselves are so interesting, I wanted to hug them. The language is colorful, filled with F-words and a lot many other profane words that can't be mentioned but it never put me off, since it all looked so real. I wasn't like they inserted the words because they wanted to get an M rating, but because that's how people, especially criminals talk in their daily routine. This is probably the first game in the GTA series where I have watched ALL the cut-scenes, rather than skipping some and cutting to the missions directly.

The game-play is sublime, with every motion of Niko well researched. You can take cover behind whatever you find as a shield and plan your strategy. One problem that I had was that that the cover system sometimes became annoying since I had to keep pressing R1 again to get out of cover and at times, Niko would take time getting out of cover. The guns are lesser compared to GTA San Andreas but have better effect. One problem with the aiming was that when auto aiming was turned on, I had difficulties and irritation shooting at certain people, especially when a crowd was around. Holding L2 half-down to take free aim is possible but I could hot it half-down for even a few seconds before it targeted someone.

The side-missions are certainly fewer than SA but are better. The Vigilance missions are so much fun unlike SA and previous titles where it was an ordeal. Here, I could do them whenever I wanted, not worrying about reaching certain levels. The drug run mission too were fun. Brucie's races were unbelievable easy, probably Rockstar games was compensating for the tough air missions in SA. The opponents AI in the races was pathetic. I could get out of the car, eat a hot-dog, re-enter the car and still win!

They could have included the firetruck and Ambulance mission since I enjoyed riding the fire-truck just by itself. A fewer more things could have been adding. But don't worry, the dating mission and the friend activities are certainly a hell lot of fun.

The mobile phones are so essential in the game and so are the replay missions. I am running out of the 1000 word limit and so I have to end here by saying, it is the best game I have played till now. 10 on 10.
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