Review of How to Deal

How to Deal (2003)
A cute Mandy Moore film, not as bad as some say it is.
5 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Mandy Moore is still a teenager here, playing Halley Martin. Her parents have split up, her sister is engaged to be married, and overall she has a lot of things to deal with at her young, high-school age. Thus the title "How to Deal" with all those things.

Her best friend has a serious boyfriend, they practice unsafe sex and she turns up pregnant right as the new school year is starting. Add to that, her boyfriend is playing soccer and after a good shot he is smiling to her as he falls dead, a victim of a congenital heart problem.

Then her dad, a on-air radio personality, decides he has met his new soul-mate and plans to get married.

And finally, cute boy at school takes an interest in her and she has to deal with that while dealing with two weddings and her friend about to give birth.

This is not a great movie, but it is a cute movie if you like Mandy Moore. I watched it with Natalie on winter break from college. It was a good diversion on a cold day.
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