A resonating hatred between violence and rape yet with greed, is a subject matter that the movie has got us learning about reality...
5 December 2009
The movie 'Blood and Bones', is a movie, everyone certainly knows it is not an 'entertaining' film of all Japanese Dramas, but with all the bells and whistles, this movie certainly got us learning about the factors of what some people just don't understand when they're swimming around with money all around them.

Kim Shun-pei, is a man who was once a kid from South Korea and moved his life to Osaka, Japan. He was a man, who showed nothing but hatred and greed. His hatred, got everyone driven to depression and suicide. With Kum Shun-pei's greedy and violent attitude, women by women, making them pregnant, to lawn for his money. A fish cake factory, that he once ran, destroying the face of his employee, beating up his employers and his sons, he was surely a troubled man with nowhere else to run and hide.

Personally, this movie is, as I said, certainly not an entertaining film, but the image we see on this film, shows us the reality of what some people face without love and eternal feeling. With greed, violence and rape, this film surely showed that sometimes life, back and now, is what some lack. I rate this movie a 10 out of 10 because it is yet, a very touching movie and it's a movie to witness the atrocities of others when love is totally absent.
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