Dersu Uzala (1975)
A Man with a Beautiful Soul
5 December 2009
In 1902, a Russian army expedition is assigned to explore Siberia under the command of Captain Vladimir Arseniev (Yuri Solomin). He befriends the Goldi (Nanai) hunter Dersu Uzala (Maksim Munzuk) and invites him to guide the explorers through the stark forest up to Khanka Lake. Along their journey, Arseniev discovers that Dersu Uzala is a man with a beautiful soul and they become close friends. When his assignment ends, Dersu Uzala says goodbye to Arseniev. In 1907, Captain Arseniev is assigned for another expedition to the Ussuri River; when he meets Dersu Uzala in the forest, the lonely hunter joins his team and guides the group. However, he is older and has problems with his vision and Captain Arseniev invites Dersu Uzala to live with his family in Khabarovsk City. But the old man does not adapt to the urban lifestyle and decides to return to the forest. In 1910, Captain Arseniev is called to Korfovskaïa to identify the body of a man that has his calling card and might be Dersu Uzala.

"Derzu Uzala" is a simple and unforgettable tale of friendship between a Russian Captain and a lonely hunter with a beautiful soul. This wonderful movie has one of the most beautiful cinematographies I have ever seen and the camera work is impressive, with awesome angle and locations that seems to be of pictures in movement. I had watched most of Akira Kurosawa movies and I do not know how I could forget to see this magnificent must-see movie of his amazing cinematography. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Dersu Uzala"
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