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22 November 2009
"Dean Stiffle (Jamie Bell) discovers the body of his best friend, Troy, and doesn't bother telling any of the parents in his postcard-perfect California neighborhood. He knows that these families prefer to go about their lives by ignoring reality entirely. But, when this scandal hits home, will they take notice, or will they continue along their merry, self-medicated way?" asks to the DVD sleeve description.

A very large cast of disaffected and alienated individuals populate pretty suburban "Hillside". Most of them pop pills. "The Chumscrubber" video game has about as much to do with the storyline as The Blue Dolphins in Ralph Fiennes' mind. The film gets weird too late, and too little. Its soundtrack music is good, though - and, director Arie Posin manages the very capable and engaging cast well.

****** The Chumscrubber (1/25/05) Arie Posin ~ Jamie Bell, Camilla Belle, Glenn Close, Justin Chatwin
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