'It's Alive!' (1969 TV Movie)
Almost mesmerizing in how terrible it is
27 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A couple traveling cross country get lost. The husband Norman (Corveth Ousterhouse) is obnoxious and the wife Leilla (Shirley Bonne) just sits there and takes it. They run out of gas near a huge house owned by Greely (Bill Thurman). It seems Greely has a monster hidden in a cave nearby and feeds it humans. He traps Norm, Leilla and nice guy Wayne Thomas (Tommy Kirk) in that cave and they try to escape.

Truly horrendous but it's SO bad it gets fascinating to watch. Scenes go on endlessly (it seems half the movie consists of cars driving down roads), the dialogue is lousy and the basic plot is pretty stupid. Don't even get be started on the threadbare sets and the hilariously stupid monster that pops up at the end! It's (obviously) a guy in a rubber suit with ping pong eyes and false fangs! The acting varies. Ousterhouse is terrible (no surprise that this was his only movie) but Thurman, Kirk and Bonne are actually pretty good. Their acting actually makes the rest of the movie bearable. But, all in all, this is a boring, stupid and pointless "horror" movie. Still, I have to admit I kept watching. It's just SO bad you can't stop!
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