Oral Fixation (2009)
good independent movie thriller
18 October 2009
I first heard about Oral Fixation by some friends at work and that made me and my boyfriend see the movie. We both enjoyed it a lot. I felt the story was good and had some unexpected twists that kept me interested. I'm not usually a fan of horror movies, (I don't like excessive blood and guts) but this film had more psychological horror with some creepy gory parts. The main actress playing the part of Rachel Marks was very convincing as the crazy masochistic stalker. It was a good reversal to have the patient be the villain instead of the dentist since everyone hates the dentist. This dentist is trying hard to be the nice guy but keeps making wrong choices. Oral Fixation is a good small independent movie thriller, well directed and written by Jake Cashill. It was suspenseful and entertaining and I would encourage others to go and see it.
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