Quincy M.E. (1976–1983)
Shake 'n Bake TV
20 August 2009
I think Quincy was great when it first aired but is reflective of the "Shake 'n Bake" formula of TV in the '70s and early '80s. It did bring the science of criminal forensics to public attention so I am sure there are people working in that field today because of Quincy.

An episode or two might be tolerable for most people, but beyond that the repetition will wear almost anyone down.

I think I would pay real money if for once his boss Asten, Lt. Monahan and everyone else would believe Quincy when he finds something out of the ordinary.

Something like,"Gee Quincy, you were right about all of the last 75 deaths you investigated when I didn't believe you despite considering you my friend. Since your record is pretty flawless and I can trust you, let's go get the murderer." I would love to see that just once...once!
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