Sanctuary (2008–2011)
A poorly written hybrid of Buffy & Torchwood
16 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A poorly written hybrid of Buffy & Torchwood. The "sets" (which are apparently mostly green screen, so I should say, the digital imaging) & costuming are lovely, this is a good looking show. The monster effects are TV show quality (ranging from decent to funny/awful). The action choreography is Buffy Standard Quality. The acting varies from tolerable to poor. The two lead females are tolerable, but the leading male Robin Dunne has no comedic timing, can't deliver lines & just looks awkward and unnatural (more-so than some of the monsters on the show). As a result his character isn't funny, interesting or even very likable. Apparently they have guest stars that can act, but I didn't stick it out long enough to see them. The poor acting isn't helped by the fact that the writing is terrible. The worst part is that the writing isn't even consistently terrible. A normal conversation will be taking place and then someone will pop up with a ridiculous line that no one with any self respect would ever say. It's your standard 'freak of the week' show. From what I've seen no new territory is covered, I'd rather just re-watch old Buffy & Torchwood episodes.
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