This should be called Taken by Pelham 123
12 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This had to be the worst remake ever. I should have known it was going to suck. I remember when they were shooting this back in summer'07... I decided to give it the benefit of doubt-the crew people said Travolta, Denzel, Gandolfini, Turturo...so I though okay: what the worst that could happen!Somewhere Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw and Martin Balsam are all spinning in their graves! Took recap my thesis argument: Hands down the worst remake that I ever seen in my almost 35 years. I have lost so much respect for the Hollywood Machine. The plot was ridiculous! The acting was cheesy! The dialogue was hilarious! (and folks this was no comedy) John Travolta was on the rise again- this might have knocked him down a few pegs. Denzel Washington... come on, And I am saying this with the utmost respect and admiration- But you could have picked a better script-if I were you I would fire your agent...I am not saying they ruined you but this was no American Gangster or X etc!
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