Review of Taken

Taken (I) (2008)
Unrealistic at best
25 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Neeson's performance is the only thing that saved this movie from an even lower score. It is so far fetched that it is a joke. Neesons daughter takes a trip to Europe, and despite being warned by her Dad is kidnapped within hours of landing. Enter Neeson to save the day, armed with nothing more than a gun and a phone, he travels to Europe, locates the criminals and saves his daughter, all within a couple of days. Taking on a large, violent crime organisation single handedly he shoots everyone and everything in site. The so called criminals have obviously never had anything to shoot at, because in hundreds of attempts, some at an open target and at close range, not one manages to hit the target. Neeson, on the other hand is an expert, never misses and kills them all! This could have been so much better, but is so over the top it is ridiculous. If all you want from a movie is lots of action, then you may enjoy this, but if you want something more avoid it like the plague.
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