Blood Shack (1971)
A film by Ray Dennis Steckler--'nuff said!
21 March 2009
This film looks almost like a home movie. The camera work looks almost like it was done with a Super 8mm camera, the narration sounded like it was done in a tunnel and some of the director's family were in it because real actors cost money. In addition, the film only runs at 55 minutes in its current form. According to IMDb, the theaters wouldn't show such a short film, so Steckler added some completely irrelevant scenes from a rodeo to pad it. I saw the shorter version and it still had many irrelevant rodeo scenes! Now such a cheaply made film CAN work (after all, the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD made a ton of money and was well made--and looked like it was filmed by high school students), but in 99% of the cases, it doesn't work at all--like with this film.

The film begins with a stupid lady insisting her friends spend the night in a supposedly haunted house. They refuse and later, naturally, 'the Chooper' kills the lady that night. It seems this small house in the desert is cursed and evil befalls anyone who tries to live there. The caretaker of this ranch keeps telling everyone this, but time and again, people don't listen. Despite this and the fact that the house ain't worth more than $45, a relative of the past owner insists she wants to move in to the place.

Of course, there are more murders and when you finally see what you think is the Chooper, he's just a guy dressed up kind of like a ninja who stabs people with a sword. It all ends very anticlimactically and frankly it was very boring but not stupid enough to be an unintentionally funny film. The lead actress' pants, by the way, were actually scarier to see than the bad guy at the end! It's just bad.
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