Review of Heatstroke

Heatstroke (2008)
Truly, truly awful... Perfect for the wee small hours
17 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know where to start with this movie.

There's not enough time to describe the many 'features' of this movie and how bad they were.

The script was deplorable. Predictable and cliché ridden. The characters were flat and uninteresting.

The CGI aliens are appallingly bad. Imagine 'Doom' creatures, from the popular computer game and a programmer with no concept of how to make something appear to run along the ground. The composite work is laughable at best. Irritating at worst. Cheaper cartoons from the 80's had better running creatures.

The CGI smoke from the ultralight was awful. It looked like someone was trying to spray it with an aerosol.

The CGI water effect on the mountain was good. When the guy put his hand into it and it moved with his hand, that was very good. That's worth one star.

Every single woman in this movie is superfluous and could have been written out of the plot and replaced by more marines.

You would need to be a total sci-fi junkie to want to watch this, if only to cross it off a list of movies to watch.

Otherwise do yourself a favour and avoid this b-movie. b as in Budget, and a small 'b' as in a small budget... Small as in minute heading towards infinitesimal.
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