Awful, bad, really, really bad...
7 March 2009
Bad, very bad. The concept was good but the acting and lack of life in the film was bad. The movements all seemed choppy, like they were shooting one line at a time. Not enough information when going from one scene to another to establish the new scene and its activities.

Poorly done, droned along at a very nerve racking and slow pace. While all the actors were trying to stay awake, I was trying to go to sleep to save myself from the pain of watching this bomb exploding on the screen.

I've seen high school plays that had more life and action by children with little or no talent, than what this movie expresses. Characters were not believable, lines were dumb, actors actions were stupid. And what was all the clothes changing and attitude with Ms. Newell??? First she acts stuck-up then she gets all warm and fuzzy. Did I miss something in the transition??? Bad movie. If it were a book it would be helping to warm my house by way of my fireplace right now. This movie made "Plan 9 form Outer Space" look like an Oscar winner!
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