Marg-e palang (1989)
One of the best Iranian movie
21 November 2008
this is a movie that give you hope to live and MATRIMONY it's about love and war and Adore So once again if you want to have a good family fun watch this movie and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. A masterpiece portrait of an opium addicted man trying to function despite of his condition A truly moving piece of picture. This is the story of an man who in spite of his addiction tries to function and figure out his life. The picture of drugs as the cancer of the Prue revolutionary Iran makes even the stone-hearted weak. This movie was used as a critic to the power holders of 80s Iran. Before going on set and shoot for this movie Caribbean spend about 3 months in an institution for drug addicted men outside of Tehran. Faramarz Caribbean does perhaps the best interpretation of an drug addicted man on the screen. The director Fariborz sale is still considered as one of the brightest minds in Pershing speaking movies.
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