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Brother (1997)
Do not waste your time
14 October 2008
Let me start with the few positives for the film....Well, you get to see a gritty side of St. Petersburg, Russia-or 'Peter' as Danila's brother calls it. And I suppose you could say that the violence in the film is more realistic rather than stylised that one might find in a 'hollywood' film. But that doesn't save this film.

From a technical stand point, the film is bad. There parts of the film that have no place, such as Dani's running in and out of music shops. Some of the sequences make you wonder if they should have been cut out, and the the fade outs of all the scenes look very amateur. There are a few sequences that could have been nice with better editing, like where Danil is making weapons, but ultimately they fall flat. The music was absolutely terrible. Worst music ever used in a movie. Some of the characters were interesting, though we don't spend enough time with most of them, and our main character is a dimwit, and possibly a sociopath.

Why make a movie in which no character is worth sympathizing with, and score it with terrible music? Who knows? don't watch this.
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