Review of The Rogues

The Rogues (1964–1965)
The Rouges
10 October 2008
Where even today can their ever be a gathering of such true Hollywood Stars as these, It was at at time they were still stars and still at the top of box office, " Round the World in 80 Days" "Wuthering Heights", "Please Don't Eat The Daisys" well ay got to love him David Niven Oh my gosh on a T.V show before his book before Pink Panther. Charles Boyer from "Gaslight" the classic. Gig Young " Teachers Pet" "They Shoot Horses Don't They ? " his Academy Award he didn't realize how good was he and proves depression is , was a serious problem, glad there was no Tom Cruise then.

And Gladys Cooper name a movie that forever will be known and there she is right dab in the center. "Bishop's Wife", " My Fair Lady "," Separate Tables". Doing the tube and in your home On Wednesday nights. And they where well written true the sets had there limits, I wonder what their salaries were ? Maybe that's why the sets were on the Salvation Army side of the street.

If anyone ever finds out that some very intelligent person who found the master film of these and decided to make DVD's contact me PLease!! I'll make the Popcorn.
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