Great Laughs, Sudden Tears
5 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I note a distinct lack of specific criticisms in the negative reviews, almost as if those hostile hadn't noted a single scene... Curious, that...

The honest humor and sincere patriotism in this film was very refreshing, and one fact--that again, curiously, the hostile reviewers seem to miss--is that it suggests an accurate awareness of our nation's history could lead to the rehabilitation of even... Michael Moore! Ah, well, 'Lord of the Rings' was optimistic fantasy, too... Moore and his disciples will neither understand nor appreciate the compliment Zucker paid them... After all, they're into 'documentaries!'

Kelsey Grammar hasn't impressed me this much since 'Down Periscope.' He actually does humor, exaggeration, sincere and powerful earnestness, and even a turn of action film in the same movie, and he did... not... take... himself seriously for a moment. It was a true, rollicking tour de force by an actor who has earned my respect.

I should mention the cameos... For once, I could stand Bill Riley, and perhaps the only redeeming thing I can say about Paris Hilton after seeing this film is that she can laugh at... herself! Kevin Sorbo was very funny at a vital time. Jon Voight... You forget what the great old actors can do. His scene, which I shall leave vague, brought my laughter up short... and my eyes swimming with tears and reverence for the words he spoke.

Lots of the trademark 'Airplane' humor, and there was a lack of viciousness in the film, which amazes me given a political environment when people daily tear into the President, calling him things that, if they were true, would make them suicidal for having mentioned them! Zucker laughs and points fingers, but there is a sense in this film that the objects might yet see his points, and laugh with him, and us, and remember to rejoice in the nation... It is an optimistic film, to re-iterate.

The scene that got to me the most took place at the final denouement of the concert section... Note the soldiers in the audience carefully. It was nice to laugh so heartily during this dreary election year, for which, I thank all involved with this film.
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