Review of Oliver!

Oliver! (1968)
Has stood the test of time
4 October 2008
This is one of my favourite musicals and still feels as fresh today although it was released many years ago.It is a film I have seen a few times now but it is still a firm family favourite and it is easy to see why.

Firstly,the songs are terrific and many of them have become standards in their own right.'As Long As He Needs Me','Food Glorious Food','Pick A Pocket Or Two','I'd Do Anything',the list goes on and on.The dance numbers are equally impressive with the segments for 'Consider Yourself' and 'Who Will Buy?' a triumph in imagination and choreography.Then there is the cast which is excellent.Although Mark Lester can't really sing or dance he is a delight as Oliver.Jack Wild scores highly as Dodger,Shani Wallis is fine as Nancy and many of the supporting roles are very well played.I have always felt though that Ron Moody is the real standout here as Fagin.He is fabulous in the role.Charming,sly,corrupt and very entertaining.Special mention must also go to Oliver Reed as Bill Sikes.I do feel that his role sometimes gets overlooked but for me his is the best performance of the role I have seen.He exudes menace and most definitely looks like a man that would slit your throat in an instant.A very good and underrated performance.

This is a very entertaining movie and a real treat for the whole family.The settings are brilliantly mounted and give a real feel to the world of Dickens that truly transport you back to the grime and dirt of the period.Very well directed and well worth a look.
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