More of a Barugon film than a Gamera film.
1 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The second of the Gamera Films is one that is different from most of the rest of the series.

In this film Gamera is released from his rocket prison and returns to Earth, destroying a dam. Then an expedition takes place to a tropical jungle where a group of guys finds a rare jewel. It turns out that it is really an egg. This egg is exposed to a heat lamp and a giant monster is created as a result. This monster, Barugon, goes on a violent rampage throughout the city. Soon Gamera shows up to battle Barugon, Barugon employing his freeze blast to stop Gamera cold in his tracks. With Gamera frozen humans try to stop Barugon but nothing seems to work. Soon Gamera must come to the rescue to save humanity from Barugon.

As the second Gamera film this is the first one with color. Gamera is not really a good guy yet, he destroys a dam after returning to Earth and probably only fought Barugon because he was bored. To be honest Gamera is not in this film all that much, he shows up in the beginning and after an hour shows up again to fight Barugon. After this fight it is another half hour until you see him again. This leads to another monster being the lead, Barugon.

First to clear things up, this is not the same monster as "Baragon" from the Toho Series of films. I do not know how they were able to use the name Barugon in this film, even if it is spelled differently. To be honest though this Barugon is much different than Baragon. I hope you are not confused after reading this paragraph.

Barugon is a giant lizard/crocodile monster with a chameleon tongue, sharp horn on his nose, and a really long tail. He makes a repetitive hissing roar and is able to emit a freeze ray from his tongue and also can shoot a rainbow ray out of his back. ?????????? Actually the rainbow ray is really powerful and Barugon also can use his freeze ray to considerable advantage. Barugon is pretty good monster, definitely one of the best from the Gamera series. He is a good monster to be a villain in a film like he is in this film. Even if you are disappointed by how little Gamera is in it, Barugon is interesting to watch.

This is a good Gamera film in that there are no annoying little kids with really short pants on. That is the main reason this is one of the best. This is the most serious toned of all of the Gamera Films. It has some gory parts in it but I think that both Gamera vs Guiron and Gamera vs Gaos are more gory.

Now some flaws. It takes a while for action to get going and the plot moves slowly at the beginning. Its about an hour until you get some good monster action. The plot is good enough without the monsters for a while but as a kid I remember having to wait forever to see Barugon and Gamera.

Also the whole idea of Barugon's weakness being the water is kind of odd because he looks like a crocodile. But I guess that every monster needs a weakness and I guess water is what they wanted to go with. Kind of odd. Also how did a lamp create a monster like Barugon? I'll be careful not to leave my pets underneath lamp light for too long.

The fight scenes between Barugon and Gamera are kind of slow. In the first fight there is a lot of standing around and then merely exchanging of their super power weapons. Then in the second fight it is mainly just Gamera having his way with Barugon. THis does kind of make sense because Barugon had just been hit by his own rainbow ray and was in a weakened condition. The main thing I guess that I will remember from the fights is how Barugon froze Gamera alive, the rest of the fighting is nothing memorable.

This definitely is one of the best, along with Gamera vs Gaos. No annoying little kids makes this one the most serious and that is good. It is worth watching. I recommend it.
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