Narrow Margin (1990)
SUMMARY Narrow Margin DVD is an exciting film and one I would recommend
26 August 2008
A few weeks ago my Aunt (a very nice woman) gave me a copy of Narrow Margin DVD, which was free with the Daily Mail. I had not heard of this film before but was pleased to see that Gene Hackman was in it so I thought I would give it a go in the machine and I must say I'm glad I did.

NARROW MARGIN DVD Narrow Margin (1990) is basically about Carol Hunnicut (Anne Archer) who witnesses a mob killing of her blind date and goes on the run,hiding in a remote part of Canada. L.A. District Attorney Robert Caulfield (Gene Hackman) is informed of her whereabouts by a close friend who then tracks her down to testify but it's not to long before the Mob (bad guys) find out where she is too. Both the cop and the witness are chased through the Canadian Rockies, where their only hope is to take refuge on a claustrophobic Vancouver-bound train. Caulfield (Hackman) is then double crossed by a bent cop and so the killers know there every movement on board the train.

The talented Gene Hackman plays his part extremely well as so does the reluctant witness Anne Archer,who both help make this a compelling and an enthralling film to watch. The chase whilst there on the train is very exciting with great scenic mountain views in the background. Here is a link from IMDb showing a clip of the chase on the roof of the train which is well worth watching in my opinion.

I must say I did enjoy watching Narrow Margin, although I noticed some of the shots/special effects of the speeding Vancouver-bound train looked like plastic scaled models (I'm sure I'm right). The story is fair perhaps a bit simple but I suppose most films revolving around a train chase are. As I said if Gene Hackman was not in this film or someone to match his caliber this film would spell out a big MISS. Yes you could say this is yet another chase film/movie but may I say it's certainly fun to watch.

SUMMARY Narrow Margin DVD is an exciting film and one I would recommend watching first before you go out and buy it full price. Gene Hackman's performance is top notch and with the help of Peter Hyams (Director) they successfully succeeded in making this a very compelling film to watch and appreciate,especially the gripping chase on the train. I am pretty sure most of you will enjoy the fast pace through out the film and at 94 mins there's never a dull moment. 6.6/10
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