Next (2007)
Two Minute Rewind Button
8 June 2008
What would life be like if you could rewind two minutes whenever you wanted? You'd tell everyone ELSE that you can SEE two minutes into the future. But for YOU, what it FEELS like is a skip-back-2-minutes button on life, the universe and everything. This movie unfolds that point slowly, and competently, blending outsider to insider perspectives. That's the real storyline and it satisfies. OK I just spoiled the plot, but wait not really (inside joke). Watch for that issue to climax and I believe (hope) it'll be more satisfying.

This is an original idea fleshed out thoughtfully with some pretty people doing it. That's the non-formula formula Hollywood should be practicing as if it were about to be eclipsed by YouTube anyway. I'll agree there are a few lines of dialog that seem hacked by high-schoolers. And the love story is weak on both sides, too devoted too fast. "Wait, who are you again? Oh right, I guess I am completely in love with you too." Minus two points. Still darn entertaining. Not artsy fartsy nuancy original, just a refreshingly new idea: how one simple ability would, in vicariously rich detail, transform a life, from little benefits (knowing what pickup lines will fail on a girl) to huge (saving the world). I normally hate abrupt endings, but not this time. This movie could have gone on and on and on for like forever because of the two minute rewind thing, and there was just no way out but quick, like a bandaid.

And by the way Biel is such a cutie. Shallow, I know, but this movie is a nice buffet of little things: her exotic Euro-Choctaw face in its prime, lots of masterfully crafted details in dialog and setting, flashbacks satisfyingly filling in the cracks, even some cool special effects. Just how would *you* deal with a dozen trucks falling down the hill toward you AND a pretty FBI agent? Well, with the unlimited do-over thingy, you don't even need to look. They had some fun with this one.
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