My Name Is Earl (2005–2009)
Probably the Most Feel Good Sitcom Ever.
13 May 2008
This is a show that doesn't just make you laugh... it makes you happy. Seeing Earl do good deeds and change people's lives is fantastic. Seeing the relationship Earl has with his brother is very touching as well. I'm a true sucker for a redemption tale. And this is most likely my favourite ever.

The basic plot is pretty simple, yet very effective. Earl, a pretty rotten guy who doesn't do much good gets hit by a car after winning $100 000 in the lottery. While in hospital his wife leaves him for another man. Afterwards he switches on the TV and sees an episode of Last Call with Carson Daly, where they are talking about Karma. Earl then decides that he has bad luck because he's a bad person, so in theory all he has to do is be a good person, and he will have good luck. So he writes out a list of all the bad stuff he has done to people, and one by one sets out to make things right. I think it is a great premise, but as I said before, I'm a sucker for this kind of thing.

Now onto the main characters. Every character has been casted perfectly, and every cast member gives their character soul. Casting Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee as Earl and Randy Hickey respectively was a stroke of genius. They work really great together. Jaime Pressley is hilarious at the white trash girl, Joy, and Eddie Steeples plays her new husband Darnell/Crabman really well. Also in the cast is the lovely Nadine Velazquez as Catalina, the cleaning lady at the motel where Earl and Randy stay, who is also the woman Randy loves. All the characters have great chemistry with each other. They are all very good characters who each have their own charms and faults.

This is a great show with lots of heart, and if you don't find yourself smiling.... See a doctor. There is a lot of character growth and you will probably find yourself liking the characters more and more every episode. I know I do.

Now onto the comedy part. It's fantastic. A lot of this owes to the way the characters interact, which is very believable. It also has a lot of great pop culture references, and just plain great comedy. The comedy is a little hard to explain, as most of it is in the delivery of the lines, which is always done well. The show has been made extremely well with characters appearing often instead of just once, as in many TV Shows. This makes Camden County very believable as a small county town.

In closing, this is not your regular comedy, it his held up by a strong and very original story, as well as great characters. I am not saying that other comedies aren't good. I'm just saying that this brings a whole new concept to the table.

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