East of Everything (2008– )
Seachange with Angst
23 April 2008
"The formula is to find an interesting location. That little seaside place near Melbourne worked for "Seachange" but we had better pick somewhere in NSW for balance. How about Byron Bay? It has a nice lighthouse, beautiful beach, pretty bushland. Now, what about a cast? Some big names, regardless of whether they suit the parts, will get the viewers in. Now, we've done the 7:30 time slot. Let's throw in some sex and load the plot with angst to make it suitable for the 8:30 slot. Music: there are lots of unknown country and western singers writing songs out there who need the money. We could hire them for next to nothing." The result is a disaster, boring, depressing. I agree with those on the message board who say they don't care what happens to the characters. They are all self-made losers. The writers obviously don't like real estate agents as we now have a female version of Bob Jelly. Richard Roxybaby is supposed to be the heart-throb like William McInnes and David Wenham were in "Seachange" but his character is unlikeable. Tom Long's flat delivery mimics his "Seachange" role, showing him to have a very limited range. The acting otherwise is generally very good but nothing could save this hopeless writing.
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