This movie is 2 thumbs up and a ten on my IMDb rating!
18 March 2008
I've been saving that DVD to watch for a rainy day or a day off in my case. I was way too young too remember this movie from 1986 as I was only three years old. Cool sci-fi movie that is in the same realm of coolness as ET. A young boy is asked by his mother to go get his younger brother from the neighbors. The kid named David, falls down this ravine and hits his head. He passes out and finds himself awake 8 years later and everything has changed including his family. I am not going to wreck the plot anymore you will have to watch this movie. My roommate is already mad at me for spoiling some of the plot because I thought this movie was awesome. And Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty hot as she is sooooooo young in this movie and it was way before her Sex In The City success in the nineties. Flight Of The Navigator is a movie I know I will watch again as I love movies from the eighties and movies filled with adventure and worlds we couldn't even imagine in our existence.
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