Delirium (1987)
Worst Bava film ever!!!!
14 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Delirium was a film I didn't wanted to see, but I got it on the Psycho Killer triple feature from Shriek Show and well, it came there so, whatever, I watched it. And guess what?! It is as terrible as it could be.

First of all, it is a giallo directed by Lamberto Bava, it shouldn't be bad, right?! Supposedly..... The film is about a model called Gioia (Played by extremely "talented" Serena Grandi) which works at Pussycat magazine (Guess what kind of magazine is :p) and well as any giallo, an unknown killer starts killing some of the models of the magazine, then taking photos of the corpses and sending them to Gioia and her friend Evelyn (Played by Daria Nicolodi).

You may be thinking it sounds interesting, well, it's not. The ending is terrible, it has more nudity than many sexploitation films I have seen, which doesn't seems to fit in this kind of film.

The Script is awful, and Serena Grandi doesn't acts very well, which is something important for a film like this.

I can't believe Lamberto Bava directed this piece of s**t.

I give Delirium: Photo of Gioia an 3 out of 10.

Only for true fans of Lamberto.
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