Bruce Willis is on fire in this great old-school action comedy. (SPOILERFREE)
21 February 2008
This is going to sound really cheesy but...they REALLY don't make'em like this anymore. This is a film that is as close to matching the level of Lethal Weapon and Die Hard as any early to mid '90s action flick has ever come. Damon Wayans is no Danny Glover or Sam Jackson, but there is a definite chemistry with Bruce Willis, and you can really tell on screen how much fun they're having during the shoot.

The Last Boy Scout is everything a male action enthusiast can desire: there's enough wit to last three movies and the action is generously displayed by Tony Scott on screen. The pacing is actually done well for a change (which is more than can be said about most in the genre). The acting of the supporting cast may not be top notch but then again, that wasn't the case for the Lethal Weapon films and they managed to entertain me for four editions.

The villains are hilariously dorky but that's part of the fun of watching these 'old' action movies. You see bad eighties haircuts and the music playing in the background is as wrong as it gets (usually 'Miami Vice'-like). Take everything with a grain (or a bag) of salt and just lay back and enjoy. There isn't a man alive who can't enjoy TLBS on some level (even if it's just as a guilty pleasure).

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