Wipe your feet, Beelzebub!
23 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Exploring the cinematic horror depths of the 70's is a hobby of mine, because with all the thousands of obscure genre movies that were released in this decade, it's very well possible you stumble upon a genuine hidden gem from time to time. Of course, the vast majority of them are obscure and forgotten for good reasons, and usually these reasons are sheer boredom and budgetary restrictions. "Enter the Devil" isn't exactly the diamond in the rough, neither, but it does feature several decent aspects that uplift the film above the average quality level of the usual 70's romps. These aspects include a nicely isolated and atmospheric desert setting, moody music and an adequately mysterious satanic cult premise. The disappearance of a passing tourist triggers a thorough investigation (because it's an election year!) in a small desert community that is mostly known for its fertile deer-hunting possibilities and geographical isolation. More people have to die under mysterious circumstances before the main characters discover what has been established since the opening sequence already, namely there's a vicious cult active in the desert's mountains. The pacing of "Enter the Devil" is very slow, with one too many romantic sub plots and some bizarre (and unsuccessful) attempts inserting humor. You don't exactly have to watch it for the massive amount of grizzly killings and bloodbaths, neither. There are two or three effectively horrific sequences, but that's about it. The march of the cult members, holding their torches and chanting devilish tunes, may be creepy the first time but the routine is too long and repeated too many times and it quickly loses its scary impact. However, the sequence where the cult sacrifices a helpless (and astonishingly ravishing) Mexican girl is pretty cool. The plot suddenly and unexpectedly comes up with a few ingenious twists, but it's already a little too. Oh well, at least I *almost* made a discovery.
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