Blood Shack (1971)
Is this someone's high school film project?
14 January 2008
Before I rip this waste of celluloid to shreds, let me say that Steckler's movies usually have an element of charm to them, but this p.o.s. is about an hour of my life that I will never get back. All I could think is Steckler went out and found some people at the unemployment line or homeless shelter and offered them a warm meal to perform in his movie. The acting is horrible and the setting looks like some makeshift buildings were put up in the middle of nowhere just for the sake of filming this. The murder scenes in this were like watching a Saturday Night Live skit. The same chain of events over and over again and grows tiresome really fast...and this damn movie is only 55 minutes long?! As for The Chooper; give me a break. The guy is running around undetected dressed in a shiny black suit. Complete waste of time and a complete waste of film.
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