I can't believe I watched that until the end !!!
14 January 2008
I have seen some pretty poor movies in my time, but this takes the biscuit, it is truly terrible ... the plot is dreadful, the acting is diabolical, the monster is laughable, everything about The Halfway House is awful !!!

I am not sure, either, exactly what this movie is supposed to be, or what it is trying to be. If it's supposed to be a horror movie it fails spectacularly, I only jumped once in the entire film and that was in a part that I think was supposed to be funny !!!

If it is supposed to be titillating, it also fails spectacularly. I'm not going to complain about seeing numerous half naked women, even if only 2 of them were remotely good looking, but what was the point of most of the nudity if not to titillate and entertain, it certainly did neither !!!

In summary, it was like a cheap porn movie without the porn !!!
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