Stargate: Atlantis (2004–2009)
Amusing, brainless SF, not bad
25 October 2007
Quite enjoyable, and no, I'm not a teenager.. It's nothing fancy and it's single-layered: don't look for deeper meanings in these shows. It is however nicely executed and some of the main character do a very decent job (Dr. Weir, McKay Zelenka).

The main idea of how the Wraith came into existence is very refreshing and a good explanation for why they look so much like humans; a very big problem I have with Star Trek stuff is the inexplainable likeness to humans of literally EVERY alien they encounter. Here they at least try to give it a nice twist.

Currently at season 3, I have to admit, the cheesy episodes are getting more numerous but the good episodes still make up for that so I keep on watching it. Best SF sho ever is Farscape so keep that in mind while evaluating my view :-)
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