National Geographic does zombies
24 October 2007
This is, without reservation, the worst zombie film I have ever seen. And I've seen almost all of them. The only mildly entertaining moment occurs right at the end with our last sight of our heroic lady reporter. How I managed to make it through to that point speaks either of doggedness or being too idle to turn off the DVD. If I could give it a minus score, I would.

It makes no sense, either as an overall premise or within its individual scenes. (Or is that realism, when people do things with no apparent logic or intention?)

What Papua New Guinea did to deserve this homage to its quaint tribal customs, who knows, but I hope it helped the local economy. Padding out the movie with scenes of 'primitive' folk obviously saved money on the production. Although where the leftover was spent remains a mystery. Quick, find that accountant hiding in the Seychelles....

Also missing is the script, which no one seemed to have, judging by the amount of pausing and standing still saying nothing that everyone does. If found, please destroy immediately.

So many reviewers claim this to be a classic. How so? Perhaps a cult status derives solely from the limited number of people who appreciate a movie, leaving those with less refined palates shaking their heads. Well, I claim my award as a cult movie lover....and I still detest and resent this nonsense.
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