a sublime Sound amid Silence amid Mayem
12 October 2007
(No spoilers here, but I write this for who you'll be immediately after you see this movie.)

Movies fulfill in sublime moments, as lives. This delivers well. An unmistakable silence in the middle of mayhem, of awe among the hopeless. In a scene dripping and oozing with metaphor and morale, for parents of grown children, for nations with stale enmities. Pay attention, this isn't a movie you'll want to see twice. Even the shockingly beautiful English countryside (a sensuous curved road through a tall tree forest) impacts most fresh. The movie skillfully delivers in other ways: plot twists that surprise without making too little sense. Character development, from girl to mother, from fool to hero. Oh yes, the violence, tragedy and despair overflow. Urban war intentionally, indelibly palpable.

But in the middle of it all comes a sound. And I'm still not even sure what it was it said exactly, but it spoke to me. What do you think it would feel like to hear for the first time the cry of a baby?
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