Cruel Jaws (1995 Video)
13 September 2007
this is probably the worst excuse of a film i've ever seen since Freddy Got Fingered. The creators of this piece of garbage didn't even make their own shark for the film, they just used stolen clips from other shark movies (Jaws, L'Ultimo Squalo) and used this obviously fake CGI shark that moved around like it was being controlled like a four year old. the acting is just awkward, i mean no character in this movie looks scared, and...i just can't continue. this movie is just so BAD, it's a wonder Universal Pictures didn't sue. And they thought L'Ultimo Squalo was a Jaws rip off! L'Ultimo Squalo had it's own scenes filmed, and (even though some were taken from JAWS), they made their own scenes, their own mediocre shark and their own dialogue. In "Cruel Jaws", however, the characters recite their lines like robots, and i'm actually surprised that this film actually has the nerve to call itself Jaws V. if this were Jaws 5, Jaws fans (myself included) would be so ashamed that Hollywood made a worse sequel than JTR.
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