Review of Lucifer

Lucifer (I) (2007)
Lucifer before the fall
30 August 2007
I recently saw this at the 2007 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films and it certainly is a visually stunning achievement from a talented group of Oscar-winning filmmakers. This is an 8 minute short by a young director/writer Ray Griggs of a segment from his planned feature film about the story of the Heavenly Archangels before the fall of Lucifer. Jason Lewis is Lucifer and Bru Miller is Michael as the two are on a dragon hunt. I spoke with Griggs at the screening and he has plans for a full feature with the other Archangels Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel and battle scenes of Heavenly angels and fallen angels. David S. Ward who won an Oscar as writer of The Sting and was Oscar nominated for his screenplay Sleepless in Seattle is co-writer with Griggs. Russell Carpenter who won an Oscar for Titanic is the director of photography and Joe Viskocil who won an Oscar for Independence day is the special effects director. This is a visual spectacle and wonderfully done and acted but since it's just part of something larger, and knowing that, it's hard to fully review it. I would give this an 8 out of 10 and look forward to see if Grigg's idea is fully realized.
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