Dirty Dancing (1987)
If You've Grown Up, Skip This Movie
13 August 2007
This reminded me of many of the 1970s sleazy films with tons of unlikeable characters with low morals and being portrayed by the sick scriptwriters as "good people." This movie was a favorite of of many, especially teenage girls who saw a real poor role model in Jennifer Grey's "Frances 'Baby' Houseman." Grey was extremely irritating to watch to listen to, a big pain in the butt. I laugh at some of these reviews that cite her "depth" and "dimension." Give me a break: she's a slimeball. Only a likewise immature bimbo would enjoy this movie.

As bad as Grey's character is in here, Patrick Swayze's "Johnny Castle" isn't a whole lot better. He's a guy trying to seduce a teenager via his dancing prowess. That's all we need to see in that age of child sex molesters on the web and who knows where else. At least she was 17 so I guess the filmmakers felt that was old enough.

From the sex-obsessed leads, to abortions, to the father changing his mind and giving approval to this male scum, this script offers nothing redeemable. "Baby" has no clue about anything and is one of the dumbest characters ever seen on film.

I am not surprised to read about so many reviewers who thought this was "cool" when they were young and stupid, but now that they are a lot more mature, look at this film again almost in shock at how bad it looks to them now. Good for them; at least they've grown up.
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