Destroyer (1988)
Fairly uninteresting horror thriller yarn with few surprises.
13 August 2007
The novelty of this picture is it takes place in an out of use prison, which is being employed as a movie set. Perkins, who was interestingly filling in for the originally cast Roddy McDowall - who was sick at the time of shooting, plays the unscrupulous director, and admittedly is about the films only real asset, because he has a few rather amusing scenes poking fun at the industry. I suppose Alzado is also of some note also, because he undoubtedly has an imposing disposition which works well for his role.

Besides the parts when this movie is parodying itself, the usual slasher cliché's and inept dialogue routinely ensues. The photography here is fairly ordinary, where constant close-ups of eyes aren't terribly effective in creating tension. The pace can be quite lethargic at times, and the film is somewhat overlong, and seemingly doesn't know when to quit. As a movie that spoofs itself, it remains largely better than Boogeyman 2, but needless to say, this is still just trash.
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