Oh Happy Day (2007)
Funny but (Unfortunately) Pretty Predictable
19 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably a little closer to a 5.5 or so on my own rating criteria (I give very few films an 8 or higher), mainly because it's so slim and "movie of the week/television situation comedy" in its orientation, except for the interracial aspect of the main couple and that it's about two men. It was very amusing and the audience I saw it with (a highly predominantly gay and male audience during the 2007 Outfest film festival in Los Angeles) certainly enjoyed the film and was laughing where they should have and doing so on many occasions, and not laughing where they should not be doing so. The performances are fine to excellent, the production values and good and the music is, for the most part (except for the guitar/voice solo at towards the end) really enjoyable.

The main problem is with the script: while definitely funny and with some nice bits, nearly every set up (from the weekend trysts with the office co-worker) to the "meet cute/drunk" of the two main leads, to the "stuck out of town" and forced to reacquaint themselves weekend (including the "eventually damaging video footage they themselves took of one another") and many more (including the death scene towards the end and the final event which cause the catharsis at the end of the movie), every single plot twist was so clearly designed to move the story alone (and only to move the story along), but it a very simplistic and easily telegraphed way.

That's not say the movie isn't enjoyable and that this writer/director, if he gets more opportunities to be involved with films, particularly perhaps if he worked with a co-writer or wrote the script from someone else's idea, could not make a very good, original and imaginative movie in the future.

Definitely enjoyable and worth a rental or the price of admission, but don't go expecting something unique or unusual.
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