Lonesome Jim (2005)
Waiting for more out of Jim
10 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just picked this off the shelf for the hell of it. Throughout the whole movie I was expecting Jim to say more. Maybe that's his appeal to some viewers, but the kid just needed to spit it (his feelings) out more. Come to think of it, the movie lacked dialogue! His character reminded me much of his character in The Last Kiss. I haven't seen many films with Casey Affleck, but I'd draw parallels to Owen Wilson in that his characters are all very similar, typecast so to speak. Casey Affleck is the melancholy quiet kid who lives in his own head. As I expected more from this film I rated it a 5. The case description is also misleading, he doesn't so much 'stumble into a romance' with Liv Tyler's character as they're getting it on in a hospital bed within hours of their meeting each other. I was expecting something more emotional of their relationship and it was HARDLY that.
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