Silly, misogynistic and dull
25 May 2007
Fictional account of the killer in California who murdered various men and women from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. In this he's a nice guy named Jerry (Hal Reed). He's a nice man, kind to animals and sweet to women. Still he goes out and kills people for no discernible reason--they suggest it has something to do with his dad.

In reality the Zodiac didn't kill that many people. This movie has recreations of the real killings and adds about eight more! With the exception of one gruesome stabbing the killings here are ineptly staged and (quite obviously) fake.

There's also a subplot with a friend of Jerry's named Grover. The subplot ends halfway through the movie--and has NOTHING to do with anything else! It's all too obvious padding--and boring padding at that! There's also tons of misogynistic comments, terrible dialogue, low production values and unsure direction. This gets a 2 only for Reed who wasn't half bad. Still you can safely skip this one.
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