Blödaren (1983)
Only bad
25 May 2007
This is probably the worst movie distributed to the public ever. The result of a music magazine editor wanting to cash in on an early eighties trend in Sweden when the cry of the day was "violence videos" and everything with blood in it was banned. Naturally this spawned a huge interest in splatter movies among us who were in out teens back then. However, trying to make a splatter movie without blood and without actors (they were all musicians) is not the thing to do.

I watched it yesterday to see if I could get into some eighties nostalgia (I haven't seen it before) but failed miserably. Acting sucks, lighting sucks, the script is laughable at best, the sound is horrible and the band they are trying to promote can't play. If it's ironic, I've missed the whole point but if not then stay away from this piece of rubbish, it's not even worth downloading. The only minor positive thing is that Åke Ericsson looked the part, as long as he didn't try to "act".
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