Fond memories of this show.
8 May 2007
I remember this show fondly from my youth. (I am currently a 26 years old mother of two.) I didn't realize that the show is still on (and actually can't find out when it airs) but I do look forward to my own children watching it someday in the future. I never cared to watch the "real" news as it was never anything but depressing subjects. On Nick News I saw such cool things. I still remember the Magic Johnson/AIDS episode with the little HIV+ girl and crying as I realized what her fate would be. I remember the episode about a family who was so into recycling/composting that they were emptying their trash can for the first time in eight or so years. There were so many great subjects, running everything from very serious to happy-go-lucky. I loved this show!!! Granted, I was raised very liberal (aka open-minded and accepting)so perhaps that's why it resonates with me.
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